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As a young rocker, my music was influenced by a fabulous foursome that impacted my generation: The Beatles. As I matured, my desire to ease the pain of others inspired my professional studies in dental medicine. Later, I was drawn to music therapy and began creating powerful, evocative music capable of inducing catharsis.

I recorded and published 13 hours of music for The Orpheus Project, including the ones for the Catharsis Technique and Catharsis Application Program.

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Abbey Road Studio

My first orchestral CD was recorded in 1999 in Abbey-Road Studio One, in London. The London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices performed the music, together with the participation of Conrad Pope, orchestrator, and Shawn Murphy, sound recording engineer, both from Los Angeles (USA).

As I ambled across the white-striped crosswalk of that historic street corner in London and sauntered into the gate of the famed Abbey Road Studio, secretly, my heart soared—realizing my dream had come true. Here I was, finally—35 years after starting my own first rock ‘n roll group in France!  Better late than never?

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Between 1991 and 2010, Alain Amouyal's musical works were publicly performed by various pianists in southern France, Paris, Namur (Belgium) and Munich (Germany) and 75-piece classical orchestras, with soprano and piano soloist, with a great impact on the mass.

- Piano soloists: Jean-Louis Rame, Eric Lang, Patrick de Hooghe, Lydia Jardon…

- The Bielorussian Radio-TV Symphony Orchestra - Anatoly Lapunov, conductor.

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Professionnal Studio

Created by Alain Amouyal, Dominique Julliard and their associates in 1987, Studio Plateforme is located in the South of France in a small fishing town on the Mediterranean coast.

Designed of and financed as a platform for research and creation,the studio was constructed and equipped according to the strictest requirements for precision and coherence in acoustics and technology.

This was achieved in collaboration with renowned American acoustician Tom Hidley, with assistance from electronic engineering genius David La Barre.

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